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How do I download Instrument I/O Assistent for Labview 8.0 ?

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I have downloaded and installed labview_80.exe and NIDAQ800.zip. I have

activated the product. When I try to use the Instrument I/O

Assistant I get and error message that says "Measurement &

Automation Explorer or the I/O Assistant is not installed

correctly. Please install these from the Labview Driver

CD." I do not have Cds. Is there another file I need to

download from NI ? Is all of Labview 8 and its support files


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    • Hi ProfEdyB,

      To use the I/O Assistant, you will need the NI-488.2 and the NI-VISA drivers

      . I have included links to each of these below. Once these

      are installed, you may try to access the IO Assistant again to see if that c

      orrects the problem (have L

      abVIEW closed completely when installing these drivers). You may still

      need a driver CD to get it to work properly. I have also included a l

      ink to an older version of the Driver CD, but this will install an

      older version of the I/O A

      ssistant. If these options do not work for you, please call us and req

      uest that a driver CD be sent to you.

      Best of luck and let me know if you have any other questions or need any add

      itional help on this issue.

      Chris R.

      Applications Engineer

      National Instruments

      NI-488.2: <a href="/app/links/?link=http://digital.ni.com/softlib.nsf/websearch/1DDE5C48F30C2C6586257020

      00681295" target="_blank">http://digital.ni.com/softlib.nsf/w...625702000681295</a>

      NI-VISA: <a href="/app/links/?link=http://digital.ni.com/softlib.nsf/websearch/5f5ccff22a3489858625709f0

      05b9a47" target="_blank">http://digital.ni.com/softlib.nsf/w...625709f005b9a47</a>

      Old Driver CD (ftp access must be enabled): <a href="/app/links/?link=ftp://ftp.ni.com/support/labview/w

      indows/student-edition/7.0/" target="_blank">ftp://ftp.ni.com/support/labview/wi...nt-edition/7.0/</a>

      KnowledgeBase on the subject: <a href="/app/links/?link=http://digital.ni.com/public.nsf/websearch/DC808

      866AF7D5C0986256FCE006E9BAB?OpenDocument" target="_blank">http://digital.ni.com/pu


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    • Chris,Thank you for the help. I currently have loaded with LabVIEW8 VI

      SA version 3.4.1, MAX version 4, and 488.2 Version 2.4. I beleive 

      ; the I/O Asisstant is version 1.0.1.With this configuaration I have been un

      able to get the I/O assista

      nt to work on several differrent machines. I get an error message that says

      either MAX of IOA is not loaded properly and to relaod it from CD. I h

      ave had a few E-mails with Angela M. from tech support to try and resolve th

      e problem, but so far to no

      avail. I will try downloading the new drivers you have posted.Thanks A


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