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how to control audio signal volume in VI

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Respected LabVIEW Experts,I want to play a audio signal with control over fr

equency and volume.Here i attached a VI which as got control over frequency,

but i am unable to control the volume of sound played in the speaker.I want

to have individual volume c

ontrol for right and left speaker in the front panel(when PC Speaker volume

is kept at the maximum position) kindly give suggestions to complete the pro



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; Thanks in advance



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    • Hi Jorge sir


      p; Thanks

      for your immediate reply. Actually i am developing a simple audiometer for h

      earing test. The idea is to

      play a audio signal in the range of

      20 cycles/sec to 10Kcycles/sec.when i run the VI the volume of the audio sig

      nal should increase automatically, and the user should stop the VI when he i

      s able to listen the sound. The volume level at which the user stops th

      e VI is taken for the calcu

      lation of the hearing loss. Here if we have individual control for right and

      left speaker then we can test the hearing loss of both right and left ear.H

      ere I attached a VI which has got frequency and volume control. But the prob

      lem is the duration of the

      sound played is going on increases as time increases and also the delay (i.e

      . 1ms) between each sound output is not maintained uniformly. Kin

      dly help me to solve the issues &nb


      Thanks in advance



      #1; Sun, 18 May 2008 21:14:00 GMT
    • Hello Tunevr,

      I listened to your VI and I cannot see the issues you are having with timing

      . The beeps seem to be consistently placed and equally short. Ca

      n you please explain the issue further?


      Janell R | Applications Engineer

      #2; Sun, 18 May 2008 21:15:00 GMT