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agesa and agesg links with VISA and GPIB-32.DLL to GPIB

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Dear users!

Would like your assitance in bypassing some issues i currently face in opera

ting the agesa using LV8.2

All was working fine until another Windows Upgrade killed my operations. The

n I had to reinstall all the NI components including VISA. After that the PC

I-GPIB (not NI) card which finally managed to work too as it required differ

ent GPIB-32.DLL type. Now f

inally when my VISA can locate the GPIB connected devices the Agilent device

s do not want to work using agesa and agesg drivers. However the connectivit

y is there. I would like to find out what software links might be missing as

it constantly give an Erro


-1074130544 occurred at agesa Self-Test.vi

Possible reason(s):

Driver Status: (Hex 0xBFFA1190) The session handle is not valid.

Thanks in advacne,


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