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How to get amplitude values of a continuous running signal?

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Hi Bill,

Thanks for your time and reply. Here some more info,

The version is 8.5, also acquiring the signals from the production area. I w

ant to post process the data within a span of time(probably short span). Inf

act I can measure the peak vale of the signal just by using some express VIs


Overhead that I am looking here is, "to store those data in an array permane

ntly" for the period of time I am going to monitor and then post process tho

se data to get the max peak in the signal. Sure that I can't process the dat

a live since its so dynamic

where I may miss some of the data which is crucial. As u mentioned, tehre ar

e many Max/Min VIs available, but only thing beating me up is "to stor

e those data in permanently". Again I can't store in a file or spreadsh

eet since its time critica

l, looking for something like array based or so to manipulate quickly'

Hope this may give more info needed!!

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    • Here is a vi that captures some data, stores into an array, and then process

      es the array to get the min, max, and average.

      I hope this is what you want.

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