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How to stop auto from-feed on a dot matrix printer for printing

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What are you trying to do? Do you want to get a piece of paper slowly

spooling out of a machine like in the old days of strip chart recorders or a

stock tape ticker?

Or do you want a document that has a line by line listing of data?

If it is the former, a laserjet certainly won't help since they basically pr

int a page of data at a time. A dot matrix printer would, but you'd ha

ve to get the printer settings and possibly print driver settings right.&nbs

p; Since you are using the

print report.VI, you are basically using a Windows printer driver. You

'd have to look there for those kinds of settings, and I wouldn't hold my br

eath hoping to find anything useful.

Assuming you want a document that lists the data line by line, you will just

need to write your program so that you accumulate your data in a shift regi

ster and only send it to the printer once you've accumulated enough data to

fill the page. That w

ill depend on the size of the font, margin settings, and the size of your pa

per. So you may have to experiment to find out how much data you need

to collect. You may want to look in the example finder under Printing

and Publishing such as Text

Report Example.VI

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