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Append text to end of file

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how can I append text to the end of a file?

I open the file using the operation "open or create". Then the existing text

is overwritten with the new text.

I want to add the new text to the end of the file. How can I do this?

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    • Hello, using the open/create, you've to give the position of the end of file

      to the .vi that's going to write text. See the the attached file for the ex

      ample that I've made for you. It was written in Labview 8.2.1. But if you ca

      n't open it, you can always

      see the attached pic.Other way, it's by "write to spreadsheet file". this vi

      has the option "append".The names in quotes are not exactly has they are in

      labview. But I can confirm them in the moment





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