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multichannel waveform write to binary file

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Hello all..

okay, right to the point, i have a problem saving an array of several wavefo

rms acquired from may DAQ card. i save it every several hours using the elap

sed time function (LabVIEW 8.2.1)

The loops look like this;

<img src="/app/links/?src=http://www.4freeimagehost.com/uploads/dcc22e8cc6f8.jpg">

and i tried to read it with this vi:

<img src="/app/links/?src=http://www.4freeimagehost.com/uploads/35f5523eb742.jpg">

Now., i can't figured out where i went wrong. Can somebody lend a hand?

Any help is much appreciated

Oh, btw, i've succesed save it into .wav file (using the example from Sound

and Vibration Toolkit), but .wav can only have 2 channel right? is there a w

ay so a .wav file can contain all of my 7 channel waveforms?

How about spreadsheet (excel) file?

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    • Thank you Devin_K!

      works like a charm.

      btw, i have another question. (people,, always ask for more don't they? haha


      i found an interesting function: export waveform to spreadsheet.vi

      i tried to use it to record my seven channel and successed. The text f

      ile can be read (by a word processor or microsoft excel).

      Now, how can import back my array of waveform from the spreadsheet produced?

      (since i can't find the import waveform function)

      thanks in advance

      #1; Thu, 01 May 2008 23:31:00 GMT
    • I was playing around with the waveform write files to see if I could answer

      this question. I noticed an odd behavior.

      When writing to an existing binary waveform file, the buttons on the dialog

      box are reversed than the dialog box that comes when writing to an existing

      text-based file.

      I would say replace then cancel would be the natural order. It looks l

      ike the way the buttons are named (and how they are programmed to act) is wr

      itten differently in the two VI's down deep in the code where the two button

      dialog function is used.

      Nothing that would be a bug, but just an inconsistent appearance that I stum

      bled upon while playing with these VI's.


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