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Best way to concatenate arrays of waveforms?

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Ok. The output consists of a 1-D array of waveforms, where each element is =

one waveform from a particular DAQ channel. I would like to continually ac=

quire data from these channels at once. For just one waveform, I can creat=

e a local variable for it, feed the original and the variable into a Append=

Waveforms.VI (or a Build Array tool if I was using arrays instead of wavef=

orms), and have the output connected to another variable. This allows me t=

o stack the sample sets so that I can save the data from previous sample se=

ts (a set's length being defined by "Samples to Read"). I would like to ap=

ply this method to an array of waveforms, so that I can have a history of d=

ata from multiple channels. The Append Waveforms.VI only works when desiri=

ng to append 1 waveform onto another (no arrays allowed). The Build Array =

tool does the following:<br><br>Wf1 Wf2 Wf3 Wf1 Wf2 Wf3<br>1 2 =

3 1 2 3<br>1 2 3 1 2 3<br>1 2 3 1 2 =

3<br><br>This is something atleast, but I would like to have this:<br><br=

>Wf1 Wf2 Wf3<br>1 2 3<br>1 2 3<br>1 2 3<br>1 2 =

3<br>1 2 3<br>1 2 3<br><br>Make sense?

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