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Reading an TDM file with appended data blocks

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Good day,

I wrote a little program that saves blocks of data after a trigger to a

file, it will append these blocks off data as much times as you set it.

Each appended data block has a time stamp and a signal path and burst

number as a header.

I use the storage way to save it to TDM format. This all seems to work nicel


Now is my question:

Afterwards i want to read each block or burst seperatelly. How can I do

this. I can't seem to find an easy way to read just one data block in

the file.

best regards

Joost van Heijenoort

Ursa Minor Space and Navigation

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    • Hi Joost

      The Data Storage Read VI lets you Query your TDM File. Lets say you have sav

      ed all your data to a channel Identified by a Name that is equal to the burs

      t number. Then you can use the Read to only read the data where the Name of

      the channel equals that bur

      st number.

      This way you can retrieve any arbitrary burst you like.

      Hope this helps.



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