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skipping a step in case of error

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Hi all,

Given that the internet connection is always active, my program processes ra

w data and sends reduced files via email (using STMP email send me

ssage.vi) to users on a timely basis. The problem is that when I loose

the internet connectiton (l

et's say if a technitian needs to work on the internet connection

and has to shut it down for a while), an error occurs an

d the program gets stuck since, I guess, it can't find the internet connecti

on. Is there any way&n

bsp;to make my program skip a particular step (in this case, STMP email send

message.vi) and move on to the next step without stopping the program in ca

se of errors caused by loosing the connectiton?

Thanks in advance for your inputs.


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    • hi,

      You can use the case structures with the error cluster

      Below is the description for using error handling with clusters but it appli

      es to your case.:

      When you wire an error cluster to the selector terminal of a case struc

      ture, the case selector label displays two cases, Error and No Error, and th

      e border of the Case structure changes color?red for Error and green for No

      Error. If an error occurs,

      the Case structure executes the Error subdiagram.

      So in the error sub diagram you can proceed further withour stopping you pro


      hope it helps

      let me know the results.


      #1; Fri, 09 May 2008 23:49:00 GMT
    • I tried to make an example based on what you suggested (see attached screen

      shot). However, it still doesn't work. Can you tell me if I am missing anyth



      error test.doc:

      http://forums.ni.com/attachments/ni/170/208044/1/error test.doc

      #2; Fri, 09 May 2008 23:50:00 GMT
    • It works now. However, I did not change anything (I did not change the

      check mark to red. I still leave it as green). What I had in the screen shot

      works just fine.

      Thanks anyway for trying to help.

      #3; Fri, 09 May 2008 23:51:00 GMT