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VISA Write timeout with GBIP

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We have an old HP 8753B Network Analyzer that is connected through GPIB. I'm

trying to get it working with an example included in the drivers found on N

I's site. Communication is working, the initialize VI and a save/recall stat

e VI both execute fine. How

ever, the next VI to run simply sends one command which is only 5 characters

long to VISA Write. This Write will timeout after 10 seconds and return a "

Timeout expired before operation completed" error.

Any idea what would cause this half way through an example program? I've bee

n searching and I see things about sending large amounts of data causing thi

s error, but we're only sending one small command.

Also, there used to be a different VI before the current one that causes a p

roblem and that would return the error. It seems as though anything that fol

lows the save/recall state VI fails.

I don't know much about GPIB, but I'm thinking that the save/recall state VI

is somehow making the instrument hang up and then when I call VISA Write in

any VI afterwards, the handshaking that is supposed to occur fails. Does th

is make sense?

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