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Waveform Timestamp -> DBL conversion

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I'm using the [DBL -> TimeStamp] conversion VI to modify the t0 property of=

a waveform. This technique was taken from NI-Scope Express.vi, and sets t=

he relative display position of a plot on a waveform graph. <br><br>The pr=

oblem is that this seems to be a one way conversion and it is not possible =

to recover the DBL value from the converted TimeStamp. Not only is there n=

o available VI to perform the reverse [TimeStamp -> DBL] conversion, but no=

property of the TimeStamp shows that the value is changing (I used a probe=

with not only the value, but everything else available on the property nod=

es). I know the TimeStamp changes though, even when it always says zero, b=

ecause when the DBL going in is changed, the position of the plot on the wa=

veform graph shifts appropriately as the DBL value is changed.<br><br>After=

much wrangling, I've just realized I can add the t0 DBL as an extra wavefo=

rm component to recover it later. This seems cumbersome though, duplicatin=

g information, and buggy that any number you convert into a timestamp is us=

ed appropriately, but cannot be recovered, and always says 0 when probed.

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