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Can't insert 1d array of DBL into 2d array

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One problem is that you don't have an original array going into the replace

array subset function you have circled.

With doing any insert into array function, you will have to be careful with

the array functions and may need to do transpositions here or there to make

it work. For example, you can't put a 1-D array of 10 rows and put it

into a 10 column by 51 row

array without doing a transpostion to make it a 10 column by 1 row array.&nb

sp; Any work you do will require that the one of the dimensions will m

atch in size. If you put a 2 row by 2 column array into a 10 row by 10

column array, which way do

es it insert, to the right or down? What goes into the empty elements

that get created in either the remainin column, or remaining rows?

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