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Communication between PC and ATMEL micro controller using USB

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Hi All

I am Using LV8.0 FDS and VISA 3.1

I am trying to communicate my PC with ATMEL microcontroller( just writi

ng and reading string commands) similar to serial communication. For that i

need to develop a USB driver in LV.

As i am new to USB communication , i have gone through the USB instrument co

ntrol tutorial. i had few questions from it.

- How to know the class of the USb device(ATMEL microcontroller)?

- Any h/w or s/ w needed to be installed to perform usb communcation(i have

already installed the drivers CD that come with FDS)?

- When to use USBRaw Bulk mode and When to use USBRaw Control mode?

- When to use VISA write/read vi's and when to use USB control in/out vi's?

- Also how to detect whether it is a USBTMC device or USB Raw device?

I am trying hard with these questions. but i didn't get the solution.

So plz suggest me with solutions .and attach examples if any which may clari

fy my doubts

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    • Hi Can

      Thanks for your reply.

      i have gone through the tutorial. I need few more clarifications.

      1. I created DDW for my device and every thing is fine. i.e., in the device

      manger it is identified as the NI USB device and also it is identified in MA

      X and VISIAC. Now when i plugged out the device and then plugged in for the

      second time. Now i find a p

      roblem. My device is identified as normal usb device in device manager. Also

      it does not appear in either MAX or VISIAC. My doubt is whether we need to

      create DDW each time we plug the device or why is it happened like above . o

      r we need to take any steps

      when we plug for the repated no. of times.if so what are the steps to be tak

      en.Plz. suggest.

      2. Even after going through the USB Raw tutorial and eg ,i am not clear

      about the bulk and control. Can you give me two situations to work with,

      differentiating USB Raw Bulk and USB Raw Control because i was struck up he

      re and waiting for a soluti

      on My application is to communicate with micro controller from PC through US

      B ports.(sending and receiving commands etc) .Which of the USB Raw mode will

      be suitable for this application.

      Plz reply soon.



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